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Pinnacle Squash offers a comprehensive developmental program for junior athletes that goes beyond just training for the game. The program emphasizes the importance of fundamental life skills that are applicable in various circumstances and environments.  The mindset of the program is rooted in the belief that success comes from a combination of passion, hard work, and enjoyment. Through the Squash developmental program, participants will learn to focus on the journey and progression towards their goals, rather than solely on the end result.

At Pinnacle Squash, personal growth is fostered using squash as a platform to develop independent thinkers who understand what it takes to achieve greatness. The program offers a highly integrated curriculum that includes squash, personal development, and academic preparation. In addition to learning the fundamentals of the game, participants will also have access to a range of workshops and activities.

Private Coaching

One on one session with a dedicated squash pro that delivers a more focused experience and professional feedback

Junior Development Program

The Junior Developmental program introduces the game of squash in a fun, exciting and friendly atmosphere.

High Performance Training

Advance level programs for juniors that are seeking to perform at the highest level.

 Squash Program 


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Green – beginner through bronze level players 

This clinic is designed for juniors who are new to the game or have had limited exposure to squash. The program will cover the following topics to provide participants with a solid foundation in the sport:

Basic technique for gripping the racket, Swing technique, Basic squash movement, Rules of the game

  • Fall Season Sessions: September 17, 2023 – December 16, 2023
  • Winter Season Sessions: January 15, 2024 – March 31, 2024
  • Spring Season Sessions:  April 6, 2024 – May 19, 2024


    Blue – intermediate through silver level players   

    This clinic is designed for juniors with at least one year of playing experience and a good understanding of the game. Participants will continue to develop their skills and enhance their game. The program will include an in-depth discussion on the swing and follow-through technique, along with drill sessions that allow participants to work with playing partners. The clinic will also focus on proper on-court movement techniques, including the proper lunge and recovery to the T. In addition, the program will cover tactics on how to play a better game of squash, giving participants a well-rounded understanding of the sport.

    Schedule & Season Calendar 2023 – 2024

    • Clinic duration:  90 minutes
    • Ages 11+
    • Based on the level and at least one year of playing and lesson experience
    • Fall Season Sessions: September 17, 2023 – December 16, 2023
    • Winter Season Sessions: January 15, 2024 – March 31, 2024
    • Spring Season Sessions:  April 6, 2024 – May 19, 2024


      Gold & Elite CLINIC & CAMP – for competitive and experienced juniors   

      This clinic is designed for juniors with tournament experience ranging from Gold to JCT Level. Participants will have the opportunity to master their strokes and movement techniques, gain an in-depth understanding of game strategy, and receive preparation for tournament play. The program also teaches participants how to peak their performance and improve their competitive edge.


        Junior Point Play Clinic  

        This 90-minute clinic enhances playing ability, teaches game strategies, and improves on-court awareness. It is an organized session that requires a minimum of six junior participants. This clinic is especially beneficial for juniors enrolled in the “BLUE,” “GOLD” & “ELITE” programs looking to take their skills to the next level.

        Elite Players Session 1: Strategy Lab – October 1, 2023

        Individualized Coaching Sessions

        Elevate your game with exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions conducted by our expert in-house professionals. For personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs, reach out to us at Unleash your full potential with private lessons at Pinnacle Squash.





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        Prospect Clinics

        JANUARY 7 & 8, 2023  at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut Join Yale Squash Brooks G. Ragen Director of Squash, and Head Coach Lynn Leong; Millie Tomlinson (Yale 2014), world rank #50; and Lucy Beecroft (Yale 2020), world rank #45 for a weekend of training...

        Pinnacle Squash visits Malaysia

        Special EventA limited Series Squash Clinic by former national players Lynn Leong and Sharon WeeAbout The Event We are excited to announce Lynn Leong, Yale University's Brooks G.Ragen Director of Squash is hosting a limited series squash clinic at the Bukit Jalil...

        Connecticut Squash League 21-22

        Pinnacle Squash is bringing back Connecticut League! 2021-2022 Season  This season's CT League is back in action.  We are looking for teams to register!  Please get in touch with CT league coordinator Lynn Leong: for more...

        2021 Summer Squash Camps update

        Dear squash friends and squash fans, Pinnacle Squash will not be hosting camps this summer Covid-19 pandemic. Yale University suspended all summer camps for 2021.  Pinnacle Squash is optimistic that squash will resume operation in the fall of 2021 with new...

        2020 Summer Camps Update #2

        June 11: It is confirmed that all summer sports programs and camps at Yale University are canceled for the rest of the summer of 2020. Unfortunately, this also includes Pinnacle Squash camps at Yale.  We value the health and safety of all our coaching staff and...

        2020 Summer Camps Update

        April 22, 2020:  We regret to inform you that all June sessions are canceled.  July registration is still ongoing. We are hoping Pinnacle Squash will be able to host our camps starting in July.  If that is true, we will be adding new weeks in July and...

        Men’s Team Championship

        Yale University is hosting...CSA 2019 Men's Team National Championships.  Event is free for all. If you're looking for something to do with the entire family, come to the Brady Squash Center to support Yale or your favorite college team. February 15, 2019Please Click...