International Squash Expedition


I.S.E (Asia) integrates squash with cultural exploration to provide a unique and unforgettable summer experience. Participants will be exposed to foreign styles of play, training methods and game tactics.Traveling abroad will also bridge cultural gaps and bring awareness of various cultural origins and beliefs.  Participants will develop relationships with local junior players and families based on mutual respect and cultural immersion.

Hong Kong + Malaysia 2019

Hong Kong: July 19 – July 27

Hong Kong Junior Open tournament dates:  July 23 – July 27

Kuala Lumpur/Penang/Singapore : July 27 – August 5

Malaysia and Hong Kong Information

Pricing and details of the trip will be available February 2019

Travel Dates: July 18 – August 4, 2019

Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore Cultural Squash trip includes

  • coaching fees
  • facility training fees
  • accommodation
  • planned activities
  • transportation

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Sample Itinerary

based on 2018 – est: $4400, does not include airfare

July 19 – Depart from JFK, NEW YORK to HONG KONG

July 20- Arrival to HK, check in to full-service rental apartments

July 20 – 22  Training and prep for HK Junior open

July 23 – Hong Kong Junior Open begins

July 24-27 – HK Junior Open

July 27 – Depart HK to Kuala Lumpur

July 28-  Free day: Water Park Sunway Lagoon

July 29 –  Friendly matchplay with various club teams + Visit KL City and the famous Shopping Malls

July 30- Aug 1 – Visit Penang,  arranged match play.

Aug 1- Return to KL 

August 2- Day in KL,  World Junior Squash Championships at Bukit Jalil.

August 3-4  Visit Singapore

August 5 – Depart from Singapore – USA

*prices may vary: depending on the airfare, accommodation, and activities.

Past Trips, 2014 and 2016