Pinnacle squash camps provide a unique opportunity for young athletes to immerse themselves in the sport and focus on training, receiving expert instruction, and developing their squash skills. Whether they are beginners or seasoned players, these camps offer a supportive and challenging environment to help participants reach their full potential on the court



The Academy 

Half Day 

Time: 2 pm – 5 pm

Session 1: June 17 – 20
Session 2: June 24 – 27
Session 3: July 8 – 11

Peak Performance Camps 

Overnight and Day Options


Session 1: June 16 – 20
Session 2: June 23 – 27
Session 3: July 7 – 11

 About The Academy

The Academy welcomes young players aged 12 to 16, from beginners to those at the bronze level, and includes intermediates up to the silver level. This program is dedicated to nurturing fundamental techniques and honing essential skills that elevate each participant’s gameplay. Designed to cater to a range of skill sets, the program offers tailored guidance and training, ensuring that whether a player is just starting out or already on their way, they have the support and resources needed to advance their game to new heights.

For Beginners through US Squash Bronze – Green:

  • Introduction to Squash: Learn the basic rules of the game and the scoring system.
  • Basic Technique: Develop proper grip technique, swing technique, and footwork for basic squash movement.

For Intermediate through US Squash Silver – Blue:

  • Advanced Technique: Receive an in-depth discussion on the swing and follow-through technique to improve your shots.
  • Drill Sessions: Participate in drill sessions with playing partners to practice and enhance your gameplay.
  • On-court Movement: Master proper lunge and recovery techniques to move efficiently and effectively around the court.
  • Game Strategies: Learn tactics to elevate your game, including how to create openings and finish points with finesse.

 About Peak Performance

The program is open to all squash players, specifically catering to players in grades 6th to 12th. This inclusivity extends to participants of all skill levels.

The focus of Peak Performance is to offer comprehensive squash training, emphasizing the development of skills and techniques needed for achieving excellence in the sport. Participants will be engaged in advanced training methods and philosophies tailored to enhance their individual performance levels.

Throughout the program, players will gain insights into effective training plan creation, efficient training methods for peak performance, and informed decision-making regarding nutrition and lifestyle. Additionally, the program provides strategies for optimizing training in preparation for tournaments, ensuring that each participant is equipped to compete at their best.

Sample Daily Camp Schedule:


  • 4:30pm – 6:30pm  Squash

Monday – Wednesday:

  • 7am – 8am: Wake-up, shower, and prepare for the day
  • 8am – 8:45am: Breakfast at hotel
  • 9am – 11:45am : Squash
  • 12pm – 1:30pm : Lunch at Yale College
  • 1:30pm – 2:50pm: Workshop 3pm – 5pm : Squash
  • 5pm – 6pm: Free time + Opportunity to chat with coaches
  • 6pm – 7pm: Dinner at Yale College
  • 7:15pm – 9pm: Evening activities organized by Camp Counselor
  • 9pm – 10:00pm: Free time + Opportunity to chat with coaches
  • 10pm – 10:30pm: Back to room, lights out


    • 7am – 8am: Wake-up, shower, and prepare for the day
    • 8am – 8:45am: Breakfast at hotel
    • 9am – 11:45am : Squash
    • 11:50am: Return to Hotel
    • 12:30pm: Check-out from Hotel

    Workshop Topics

    • Sports Psychology: Learn about the growth/fixed mindset, mental toughness, and peak performance strategies to take your game to the next level.
    • Squash Talk: Engage with coaches and fellow players to discuss tactics, game plans, and techniques to improve your skills.
    • Individual Video Analysis: Receive personalized feedback and analysis of your gameplay to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
    • Classroom Sessions: Participate in group discussions to learn about squash strategies, game plans, and mental preparation techniques.
    • Strength and Conditioning, and Flexibility: Understand the importance of cross-training and developing flexibility for squash, including exercises and stretches to improve your game.
    • Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices: Consult with a certified sports nutritionist to learn about the best nutrition and lifestyle choices to fuel your body for success on the court.

      Camp Details

      “Strive for Excellence”

      Lynn Leong, in her roles as the Brooks G. Ragen Director of Squash, Head Coach of Yale University’s Men’s and Women’s Squash teams, and Principal of Pinnacle Squash, is the guiding force behind the Academy and Peak Performance Camps. Her extensive experience and leadership in squash play a pivotal role in the direction and success of these programs.

      Our  COACHING TEAM is a dynamic group of experienced coaches, inspiring mentors, and former collegiate athletes, united by their shared passion and dedication to fostering excellence in all aspects of the game. They bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the court, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching experience for every player.


      Lodging: Overnight campers, along with coaches and counselors, will be accommodated at The Courtyard by Marriott New Haven.  Conveniently, the hotel is situated just a 3-minute walk from the Payne and Whitney Gym.

      Dining: Breakfast will be served at The Courtyard by Marriott New Haven, ensuring a comfortable and convenient start to the day. For lunch and dinner, campers will enjoy meals provided by Yale University Dining Halls. These dining halls offer a wide range of nutritionally balanced and varied menus each day, allowing campers not only to enjoy quality meals but also to experience the vibrant campus life and interact with peers from other summer programs.

      Coaching Team

      Lynn Leong

      Lynn Leong

      Principal and Camp Director; Brooks G.Ragen Director of Squash, Yale University,

      As the Principal of Pinnacle Squash, Lynn Leong directs and oversees the programs at Pinnacle Squash. Additionally, Leong is the Brooks G. Ragen Director of Squash and currently serves as head coach for both the women’s and men’s teams at Yale University. She joined the Bulldogs in 2017 as a senior assistant coach and was later promoted to associate head coach in 2019 and interim head coach in 2021. Leong is the second Ragen Director of Squash after Talbott, and the first-ever woman to coach Yale’s men’s squash team as well as the first Asian-American squash head coach at Yale. She is the third woman to direct the women’s program.


      Campbell Grayson

      Campbell Grayson

      Lead Summer Camp Coach; Assistant Coach, Yale University

      Campbell Grayson, a former professional squash player with 14 titles in his 17-year career on the PSA World Tour, joined the Yale Squash Program as an assistant coach for both teams in July of 2021. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Grayson won two of those championships, the Cannon Kirk Irish Squash Open and the Northwestern Mutual LifeTime Houston Open, a year before retiring in 2020. As a junior player, he won multiple New Zealand age-group national titles, including the U-19 New Zealand International Open, Australian International Open, and Scottish International Open. Grayson also won a bronze medal at the 2006 World Doubles Championships in Melbourne, Australia, earning him a position in the 2006 New Zealand Commonwealth Games. After retiring from professional play, he received the NZ Prime Minister’s High-Performance Scholarship and earned a degree in Sports Management from Unitec Institute of Technology. Grayson was named Unitec’s 2006 Sportsman of the Year and Squash Auckland’s 2009 Sportsman of the Year.

      Tate Miller

      Tate Miller

      Operations & Camp Coach; Assistant Coach, Yale University

      Tate, a recent graduate of Haverford College with a degree in International Studies, has been playing squash since he was 12 years old in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. He achieved his highest US ranking of 50 in 2016 and continued to hone his skills after graduating from William Penn Charter School. While at Haverford, Tate played a pivotal role in helping the men’s squash team win the Chaffee Cup in his first year, a title that had eluded the team since 2011. Tate consistently held a top-four position on the ladder and finished fourth on Haverford’s all-time win list. He also holds the records for the most wins and highest win percentage in a single season for his standout performance in the 2018-19 season.

      After graduation, Tate began his coaching career at Haverford College, offering squash lessons to juniors in the area and assisting Head Coach Niki Clement in running summer camps to further develop his coaching skills. He then joined SquashSmarts, a Squash and Education Alliance program in Philadelphia, as the Community Programs Director. In this role, Tate introduced more than 700 students in Philadelphia Public Schools to squash and provided coaching assistance to the Squash Directors during practices and tournaments. In 2022, Tate earned his Level 1 Coaching Certification from USSquash and plans to obtain his Level 2 certification in early 2023.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      When and Where is Check-In for Camps?
      • Overnight  campers check-in is on Sunday between 3 pm – 4 pm
      • Location check-in for Overnight Campers – The Courtyard by Marriott hotel camp staff will direct you to the Pinnacle Squash Camp check-in center.  Parents and Campers must check in with Pinnacle Squash Camp Staff for room assignments.
      • Overnight campers will play squash from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.  Please have your gear ready and be prepared to play.
      • Day Campers – campers check in Monday morning at 8:30 am at the lobby of Payne and Whitney Gym, 70 Tower Parkway, New Haven, CT, 06411.   
      Required Camp Forms

      Health and Medical – The Connecticut State law requires campers to submit the following forms to Pinnacle Squash in order to participate in Pinnacle Squash Camps.

      • Health Assessment Record
      • Youth Camp Health Exam Record
      • Authorization for the Administration of Medication by School, Child Care, and Youth Camp personnel
      • Individual Plan of Care

      Release of Liability Form –  Parents and campers are required to complete and sign the Pinnacle Squash release of liability form prior to or at camp check-in.

      All forms will be provided to you after you complete our online camp registration.

      When is Check-Out?
      • The Peak Performance camp will conclude at 12pm on Thursday.
      • Day Campers – a parent or a guardian must sign out their children at the end of camp.
      • Overnight Campers – Counselors will chaperone campers back to the hotel to change, pack, and check out.
        • Parents can pick up their children at the squash courts or the hotel.
        • Parents or guardians must sign out their children at the end of the camp.
      Transportation to and from evening activities.
      • Campers will be transported in a school bus to and from, for after squash activities.
      • Campers will be supervised at all times during a planned Pinnacle Squash evening activities.
      • There will always be coaches and counsellors on duty at all times.
      • Overnight campers will lodge at The Courtyard by Marriott, located on 30 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT 06511.
      • Campers will be chaperoned by counselor or coaches to and from the hotel regardless of age.
      • Coaches and counselors will be on the same floor as campers.
      • Laundry services available at the hotel * not included in camp fees.
      Packing List
      • Squash Gear – squash shoes, eyewear, rackets
      • 2 Changes of squash clothes each day
      • Daily non-squash clothes (5 evenings), include a sweatshirt for cool evenings
      • flip flops
      • water bottle
      • Running shoes
      • Rain Jacket
      • Towels and linens are not necessary
      • Meals provided 
      • Campers will be escorted to all meals by coaches and counsellors regardless of age.
      • Please email Pinnacle Squash if your child has any food allergies.
      Squash Facilities
      Questions and Camp Director contact information

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