Peak Performance

Advanced training concepts and strategies to help improve performance 

Summer Camp Update April 8, 2021:

We regret to inform you that Pinnacle Squash will not be hosting it’s annual summer squash camps and international trips due to Covid-19 pandemic.  Yale University has suspended all summer camps for 2021.  We hope everyone is safe and we look forward to having you back with us again next summer.



 About the Camp

The Peak Performance Camp provides and teaches advance squash training methods and philosophies to juniors, so that they can improve and attain peak performance on court:

  • Learn how to create a better training plan
  • How to train efficiently to PEAK
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle
  • How to peak for tournaments 


Sports Pyschology
  • Growth/Fixed mindset, and peak performance.
Squash Talk
  • Individual video analysis
  • Classroom session to discuss strategies and game plans.
Strength and Conditioning, and Flexibility
  • The importance of cross training
  • What is flexibility and its benefits for squash.
Nutrition and Lifestyle choices
  • Certified sports nutritionist – eat to succeed, you are what you eat.
College Admission Process
  • College admission, a discussion session regarding application process
  • College Campus Tour

Camp Details

“Strive for Excellence”

THE PEAK PERFORMANCE training camp developed by Lynn Leong,  Associate Head Coach for Yale Men’s and Women’s Team and Program Director, Pinnacle Squash.  The program will be implemented by a team of well qualified professionals including PSA pros and college coaches.

THE TEAM of Head Coaches leading this year’s Peak Performance camps are Lynn Leong and Vikram Malhotra .  The training camp is also supported by a team of experienced coaches, mentors and collegiate players who share the same passion and enthusiasm, and that is to “strive for excellence” on and off the court.  

Accommodation: overnight campers, coaches and counsellors will lodge at The Graduate Hotel. (click on link for more information about the hotel).  This newly renovated hotel is a convenient 8 minutes walk to the Payne and Whitney Gym. 

Meals : breakfast will be provided daily at the hotel, lunch and dinner will be provided by Yale University Dining Halls. The dining halls provide a nutritionally balanced and versatile menu every day. Campers can take the opportunity to visit the college grounds and to dine with other summer school campers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and Where is Check-In for Camps?
  • Overnight  campers check-in is on Sunday between 2 pm – 4 pm
  • Location check-in for Overnight Campers – at The Graduate Hotel, hotel camp staff will direct you to Pinnacle Squash Camp check-in center.  Parents and Campers must check-in with Pinnacle Squash Camp Staff to get your hotel room assignment.
  • Day Campers – campers check-in, 4 pm, at the lobby of Payne and Whitney Gym, 70 Tower Parkway, New Haven CT, 06411.   
  • Campers will play squash from 4:30 pm – 6:15 pm to determined groupings for the week.  Please have your gear ready and be prepared to play.
Required Camp Forms

Health and Medical – The Connecticut State law requires campers to submit the following forms to Pinnacle Squash in order to participate Pinnacle Squash Camps.

  • Health Assessment Record
  • Youth Camp Health Exam Record
  • Authorization for the Administration of Medication by School, Child Care and Youth Camp Personel
  • Individual Plan of Care

Release of Liability Form –  Parents and campers are required to complete and sign Pinnacle Squash release of liability form prior or at camp check-in.

 All forms will be provided to you after you complete our online camp registration.

When is Check-Out?
  • The camp will conclude at Noon on Friday.
  • Day Campers – a parent or a guardian must sign out their children at the end of camp.
  • Overnight Campers – Counselors will chaperone campers back to the hotel to change, pack, and then check-out.
    • Parents can either pick up your child at the squash courts or at the hotel.
    • Parents or guardians must sign out their children at the end of the camp.
Transportation to and from evening activities.
  • Campers will be transported in a school bus to and from, for after squash activities.
  • Campers will be supervised at all times during a planned Pinnacle Squash evening activities.
  • There will always be coaches and counsellors on duty at all times.
  • All campers will lodge at  The Graduate Hotel, located 1151 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511.
  • Campers will be chaperone by counsellor or coaches to and from the hotel regardless of age.
  • All rooms are double, two campers to a room.
  • Coaches and counsellors will be on the same floor as campers.
  • Laundry services available at hotel * not included in camp fees.
Packing List
  • Squash Gear – squash shoes, eyewear, rackets
  • 2 Changes of squash clothes each day
  • Daily non-squash clothes (5 evenings), include a sweatshirt for cool evenings
  • Swim suit and flip flops
  • water bottle
  • Running shoes
  • Rain Jacket
  • Towels and linens are not necessary
  • Breakfast will be provided at the hotel.
  • Lunch and dinner will be provided at one of the colleges at Yale 
  • Campers will be escorted to all meals by coaches and counsellors regardless of age.
  • Please email Pinnacle Squash if your child has any food allergies.
Squash Facilities
Questions and Camp Director contact information
  • If you have any other camp related questions that is not answered here, please contact Director of the program Lynn Leong 

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