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Pinnacle Squash “Strives for excellence”, aims to inspire and empower student-athletes and squash enthusiasts in all aspects of their lives.  Our mission is to help student-athletes realize their goals, and to achieve it, they must have grit, passion, and perseverance.


Principal and Director of Squash at Pinnacle Squash; Interim Head Coach for Men’s and Women’s Squash, Yale University.

Lynn is the Interim Head Coach at Yale University where she works with both the men and women’s team.  A 2005 graduate of Trinity College (CT) with a BA in photography.  Lynn started playing squash at her father’s club in Malaysia at the age of 4 and achieved a world professional ranking of 41 by the age of 16.  She was the former Asian Women’s Champion (Jordan, 1996), Finalist in the U19 British Junior Open and Finalist in the World Junior Championship (Belgium, 1999).  After coming to the US in 1999, she has been a two time Scholastic individual champion at St. George’s School (RI), three time 1st team All American at Trinity.  She is also a member of two time National Team Champions while playing for the lady Bantams.

Lynn began her coaching career at the Apawamis Club in Rye, NY,  working under the Hall of Fame squash legend Peter Briggs.    Lynn then went on to become the Squash Director and Head Pro at the New Haven Lawn Club, from 2007 – 2017. While at the NHLC, she has nurtured numerous players to achieve top US junior rankings, including several current and past Yale players, Spencer Lovejoy, and TJ Dembinski .  Lynn has help coached two runner up US junior women teams at World Junior Championship (2013 and 2015) while serving as the assistant coach. In 2016 Lynn received her level 3 squash coaching certification from US Squash.

Lynn also serves as Chair for the Events and Community Engagements subcommittee at Yale Athletics.

Lynn lives in Branford, Connecticut with her husband Yiming and daughter Blake.